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How to Care for Fat Tailed Gecko

Fat Tailed Gecko is a kind of mid-sized, nocturnal and terrestrial gecko that comes from western Africa. The habitat is arid savannah but they also love to live in humid microclimates. Wild type of this leopard gecko usually has brown shade band. Some of them have white stripe from nose to the tail. This gecko […]

Red Eared Slider Care Guidelines

If you are a love turtle, you may want to pet a red eared slider turtle. Before you decide it, you have to plan for red eared slider care. It sounds easy. However, caring this turtle should be done carefully and rightly. You need to provide the house, feed and care it more. For you […]

Baby Bearded Dragon Diet Guidance

If you are interested in petting a bearded dragon, it will be a good idea to choose the baby one. However, you have to know about baby bearded dragon diet. Bearded dragon belongs to omnivores and usually eats various insects, vegetables and fruits. But it is not that simple because baby bearded dragon needs a […]

Red Eared Slider Tank Tips & Guides

For you who want to pet red-eared turtle (red-eared terrapin), you have to prepare everything including the tank as its house. Red eared slider tank should be prepared properly so that your red eared turtle can live and survive very well. If you find a good tank for your red eared turtle and you care […]