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Leopard Gecko Morphs: Color Mutations Happen in Geckos

Leopard gecko morphs are the color mutation which happens in leopard geckos. Most people might only know some of the color mutation or morphs. How many morphs of leopard geckos are there? In fact, there are around 100 morphs that a leopard gecko can have. For the morphs enthusiasts, the rare color mutation of the […]

What do Bearded Dragons Eat?

What do bearded dragons eat? How long does a bearded dragon have to be fed? What kind of food do they eat? Sometimes people as the pet owners feel too worried to find the best food for their lovely pets. Whether you consider these bearded dragons cute or not, the pet owners are willing to […]

How Long is Leopard Gecko Lifespan?

Leopard gecko lifespan is interestingly long compared to other kinds of lizards in the same category of size. Leopard Gecko is a kind of lizard which has been bred in the US for around 30 years. Spotted Leopard gecko is a lizard whose part of the body is fulfilled with spots especially around the area […]