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Different Types of Pet Chameleons

How many different species of chameleons do you know? There are so many types of chameleons which can be good considerations in choosing one of them as pet. In fact, this kind of reptile requires detailed care and high maintenance especially the rare species would need more care and more maintenance. When you put aside […]

Leopard Gecko Cage: How to Setup the Perfect Gecko Habitat

Leopard gecko cage and gecko’s natural habitat should be as close as possible to ensure their well being. Even though leopard gecko is one of the easiest reptile pet to care for, proper set up and daily maintenance are very important. With the right care, leopard gecko can live up to 20 years. Here are […]

What You Need to Know to Set Up Bearded Dragon Cage

Bearded dragon cages that are comfortable, safe, and unique are what your beloved cute lizard needs. But to provide your bearded dragon with those facilities, you have to familiarize yourself with their original habitat and habits. Knowing what is the best material for your bearded dragon’s tank is also important. You have to know how […]

What do Chameleons Eat and the Schedule?

What do chameleons eat? Are they the herbivores, carnivores, or even omnivores? Do they feed on grasses or seeds? What is the best food they like the most? Before adopting a chameleon, you need to make sure that you have had a lot of information related to chameleon and how to handle them (see different […]