Red Eared Slider Care

Red Eared Slider Care Guidelines

If you are a love turtle, you may want to pet a red eared slider turtle. Before you decide it, you have to plan for red eared slider care. It sounds easy. However, caring this turtle should be done carefully and rightly. You need to provide the house, feed and care it more. For you who have never pet this turtle before, you should pay attention to the guides below.

How to Take Care of a Red Eared Slider

Feeding Red Eared Slider

Talking about how to take care of a red eared slider turtle, the first thing to pay attention is related to feeding. You have to know the foods for the turtle and how much you should feed it. There are some foods loved by this turtle:


Red eared sliders love some vegetables. Some of their most favorite vegetables are squash, bell pepper, carrots, romaine lettuce, mustard greens, and carrot tops.

Water Plants

Greens are also good for feeding this turtle. In this case, we recommend water plants such as duckweed, hornwort, Frogbit, water lettuce, water hyacinth, and anacharis.


Bananas are also recommended so much. Even more, bananas are very useful for treatment when your red eared slider is not in good health.

Commercial Foods

In this case, you must focus on low protein & low fat foods. Red eared turtle care also requires you keep it away from dried shrimps because these foods have no nutrient.

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Checking for Health Problem Signs

You have to check if you find your turtle has some signs related to health problems. The most common health problems include:

  • Eye Infections
    One of the benefits of red eared slider nursing is to make sure that it keeps away from eye infections. If your turtle experience this, the eyes usually look closed or even swollen. Usually it is caused by bacteria so that you may need to give your turtle topical antibiotic.
  • Soft Shell
    It also often occurs to eye eared slider. If it occurs, the dock can be too small, the water can be too deep, or your turtle may be too weak. It can be the sign that your turtle experience metabolic bone disease so that you must consult to the professional.
  • Furry Mouth
    If your turtle refuse to eat, there may be bacterial infection. To care for it, it requires antibiotic treatments.
  • Wounds
    If you find wounds on your red eared slider, you can treat it with povidone-iodine solutions. Besides, you also have to keep it clean.

Red Eared Slider Turtle Care How to Care for a Red Eared Slider Turtle

Giving Direct Sun

Red eared slider cares also require you to take it outside for direct sun light. Sometimes, this is needed so much. It is very important but you have to prevent overheat. Overheat can cause problem because your turtle cannot stay too long under direct sun.

It is also important to spend time with the red eared slider you pet. It does not only relate to feeding but sometimes your red eared slider wants to play with you. With the right care, your red eared slider can grow healthily.