What to Know about Tangerine Leopard Gecko

When talking about gecko, there are so many kinds of gecko around the world. One of them is tangerine leopard gecko. It is a kind of leopard gecko that has orange or tangerine hues in the body. The orange colors also appear in all 3 strains of Albinos. This leopard gecko is still divided into […]

Red Eared Slider Tank Tips & Guides

For you who want to pet red-eared turtle (red-eared terrapin), you have to prepare everything including the tank as its house. Red eared slider tank should be prepared properly so that your red eared turtle can live and survive very well. If you find a good tank for your red eared turtle and you care […]

What do Tarantulas Eat & How Do They Hunt?

Tarantulas are a piece of the group of spiders called Hairy Mygalomorphs. These are the bugs that, researchers accept, have been around for many years and have not changed much in that time! There are around 700 sorts, or species, of Tarantulas. Tarantulas are found in the rainforests and wildernesses of South and Central America, […]

Different Types of Pet Chameleons

How many different species of chameleons do you know? There are so many types of chameleons which can be good considerations in choosing one of them as pet. In fact, this kind of reptile requires detailed care and high maintenance especially the rare species would need more care and more maintenance. When you put aside […]

Texas Brown Tarantula aka Missouri Tarantula aka Oklahoma Tarantula Facts & How to Care

The Texas brown tarantula (Aphonopelma hentzi) occupies the deserts and prairies of the southern states – the species isn’t confined to Texas, henceforth its other regular names Oklahoma darker/brown tarantula and Missouri tarantula. In the wild, they have singular existences outside the rearing season, with child tarantulas leaving their mom a couple of days in […]