types of chameleons

Different Types of Pet Chameleons

types of chameleons
How many different species of chameleons do you know? There are so many types of chameleons which can be good considerations in choosing one of them as pet. In fact, this kind of reptile requires detailed care and high maintenance especially the rare species would need more care and more maintenance.

When you put aside their maintenance, they will be under pressure and it will affect their health (see chameleon lifespan). Thus, you need to take a great care of this kind of reptile as your home pet.

Here are some various types of chameleon. By figuring out these types, you will be able to differentiate which chameleons you have at home.

Different Types of Chameleons

Flapneck Chameleon

different types of chameleons
Flapneck chameleon has its origins which are in central Africa and all southern area of Africa. How did this chameleon get its name? This chameleon got its name as they have large flaps which occurred in both side of their upper neck which can extend when they want to make predators scared of them. Their body has the combination colors of yellow, brown, light green, and the light stripe which extends the whole body.

Fischer’s Chameleon

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Fisher’s chameleon is another unique type of a chameleon but this chameleon is quite rare to be sold in pet stores or chameleon stores. Sometimes people will miscode this chameleon with other chalemeons such as two horned chameleons of Mount Kilimanjaro, West Usambara, Vosseler’s Usambara, and also East Usambara. It is because they have the same amount of horn which is only two, not three. Food: roaches, crickets, giant meal worms, mice (see what do chameleon eat?).

Jackson’s Chameleon

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Jackson’s chameleon has the highest fans all over the world. They have different colors and shades based on the mood they have. If they feel calm they will have the green colors from soft to dark one. In contrast when they feel angry or mad, they will have the darker colors from black to be blue. It is a type of chameleon which is good for a beginner. Food: small insects.

Graceful Chameleon

types of pet chameleons
Another type of chameleon is graceful chameleon. It can be found in Ethiopia. This type has the colors of green, brown, and yellow with lights stripes on the sides. The length could be around 12 to 15 inches.

Carpet Chameleon

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This type of chameleon is popular in Madagascar. It has its length between 5 to 8 inches which is quite good for a home pet. The main color of this carpet chameleon is yellow and also green. Besides, it has the shades of blue that can be found in the area of feet and also eyes.

Meller’s Chameleon

different types of chameleon species
It is considered as the large size of chameleon. Even it can be said as the largest type of chameleon that exists in the world. When other chameleon might have the size which is only 15 to 18 inches, it is possible for Meller’s chameleon to have its length for more than 24 inches. Meller’s chameleon also has another nickname that is the Giant One Horned Chameleon. Food: small lizards, spiders, insects, caterpillars, worms.

There are so many types of chameleon that you can find out. Then you can figure out for further by using all the information from various types of chameleons.