What do Chameleons Eat and the Schedule?

What do chameleons eat? Are they the herbivores, carnivores, or even omnivores? Do they feed on grasses or seeds? What is the best food they like the most? Before adopting a chameleon, you need to make sure that you have had a lot of information related to chameleon and how to handle them (see different […]

Bearded Dragon Lifespan: How Old would A Bearded Dragon Live for?

Bearded dragon lifespan might be considered the same as the gecko. People might categorize them as the same reptile pet, that is why both of them are often considered the same not only from their sizes, types, colors, and also characteristics but also the lifespan. Bearded dragon has been popular as the reptile pet along […]

What do Leopard Geckos Eat?

What do leopard geckos eat? As pet owners might categorize leopard geckos to be similar like bearded dragons, they must have fed the same. In fact, it is way and totally different. A bearded dragon’s diet ranges from fruits, vegetables, seeds, vitamin, calcium, and also some insects or worms. However, it isn’t as the same […]