how big do leopard geckos get

How big do Leopard Geckos Get? Full Grown Geckos

How big do leopard geckos get? Before adopting a leopard gecko, this can be one thing that you should know. It is because the pet owners often don’t realize that the pet they are going to adopt can be that big.

When they think that it is unsafe anymore to adopt the pet, they have been to in love with the pet that they are reluctant to give it to other pet owners. Sometimes when people have a toddler or kids, it is quite dangerous for the pet to be left alone without any assistance from the adults.
how big do leopard geckos get

There are many reasons why the size of your reptile is different to other reptiles. It actually depends on how big you provide the tank of the leopard gecko, how much you have spend your money to provide the cage, and also the quality of the food that you are going to feed the leopard gecko. The size of the leopard gecko is divided based on its sizes and gender as follow.
how big can a leopard gecko get

Male or female

A male leopard gecko has different size of the physical appearance than the female leopard gecko. Yes, a male leopard gecko is larger than the female ones. This has been the general truth about the leopard gecko. How big is it?

A female leopard gecko might only be 6 to 7 inches (15-18cm) long while the male leopard gecko is around 8 to 9 inches long (20 – 23 cm). In fact, there are some breeds which are totally big that can reach 10 to 11 inches.

For the weight, the giant breeds leopard geckos weigh 140 grams. Meanwhile there is the biggest leopard gecko which can even weigh 155 grams. For the common leopard gecko, the general weight would be around 65 to 75 grams. When you are baffling about what to choose between the smaller one or the heavier one, you need to think of the exact purpose of having one.
how big leopard gecko grow

If you think that having this leopard gecko only lasts for fun or personal preferences, having the smaller one can bring you benefits with low costs. If you want to breed your leopard gecko so that you can sell the hatchling, then the big leopard gecko should have been your choice after all.

It is guaranteed that you will get the big hatchlings when you want to make money from it. Let’s think about this. The price of a giant breed can range for more than $900 bucks while the common one is around $30. Can you now imagine how much money you will get by buying the big leopard gecko?


leopard gecko size chart
As it is just born, the size would be so tiny. Can you guess how big it is? The size would be only 2 to 3 inches. It is totally tiny and light too because the weight is around 4 grams. When you want to see the full size of these hatchlings, it requires a year to figure out your curiosity about how big do leopard geckos get.