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Do Grasshoppers Bite? Are They Poisonous? Learning the Facts

Have you ever wondered do grasshoppers bite or sting even though you know that the animals aren’t dangerous or risky? Despite the harmless nature, they can be quite aggressive when pushed to their limits. So, unless you want to be bitten by them, you need to learn their nature carefully and thoroughly.

Basic Facts

Do you know that there are over 100,000 grasshoppers’ species all over the world, well…except for the Antarctica. Although the sizes of each species can be different, they generally size half an inch in length to 3 inches. The females are usually bigger than the males.
can grasshoppers bite

The Nature

It’s not grasshoppers’ nature to bite people. However, they may bite when they are swarming together. Moreover, some types may be a bit aggressive and bite people, especially when they are threatened. Grasshoppers themselves aren’t poisonous. The bites aren’t dangerous or harmful, but the bites can be (temporarily) painful because they have slightly strong jaws.

What should you do when you got bitten? Here are the steps to do:

  • Check the affected site of the bite mark.
  • If the grasshopper leaves anything during the bite, make sure to remove it.
  • Clean the wound gently by using water and soap.
  • If the bite is swelling, place an ice pack or cold compress. Make sure to elevate the area too.
  • If it hurts, take a pain reliever (over the counter will do), such as Ibuprofen.
  • If it is itchy, apply anti-itch cream or calamine lotion.
  • Don’t scratch the affected area. Avoid doing it until it heals.
  • The symptoms from the bite would go away in several days normally.

do grasshoppers bite hurt - are they poisonous and dangerous to human health

Grasshoppers and Their Potential Risks

When we talk about grasshoppers or locusts, they aren’t dangerous. They don’t pose threats or dangers to the homes, pets, or people. But you should also be aware of their defense mechanism – which can actually be annoying.

Grasshopper spit

Their mechanism is called defensive regurgitation – in popular term, it is ‘grasshopper spit’. They release a fluid (from the mouth) containing partial digestive enzymes and also digested plants. In some cases, it is referred to as tobacco juice due to the consistency and color. It isn’t dangerous but it will create temporary stain on the skin.

Spiked legs

Grasshoppers have spikes, located on the back side of their hind (jumping) legs. In the event you catch a grasshopper, it may try to kick you and dig the spikes into you. Again, it isn’t harmful or risky but it will definitely cause (minor) injuries and irritate the skin.
can grasshoppers kill you what happens if they bite you

You won’t have to worry about the grasshopper if you don’t have any infestation issue. They are basically common insects in all places around the world. They may hurt your garden or the lawn, but they are very rare in hurting humans – well, unless they are threatened. When they are, they will spit, kick, and bite. The effects are mild and harmless, but they will go away pretty soon.

If you have grasshoppers’ infestation issue, you just mow the lawn and you should be good to go. Now that you know the fact do locusts and grasshoppers bite or not, you may want to wear protective clothes when handling them.